3 July 2018 / Madrid, Spain
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3 July 2018
Madrid, Spain
Horizon 2020 NMBP calls 2019

How it works

Take advantage of the opportunity and introduce your institution by publishing a high quality profile.

1. Online registration

I. Your company profile

  • In English, clear and relevant to the event
  • It will be reviewed before it is approved and published

II. Contact details of the person attending the event

III. Marketplace

  • Explain the technology/product/expertise you are offering/looking for
  • Specify the type of partner you are looking for

IV. Your Availability

  • Chose the time slots you can allocate for Brokerage Event meetings

Your co-operation profile is your business card. Write a high quality and meaningful profile.


2. Promotion of published profiles

  • Approved cooperation profiles will be published online
  • All published profiles will be extensively promoted by the organisers of this event
  • High quality profiles are visited about 50-150 times BEFORE the event and will still be viewed AFTER   


3. Selection of bilateral meetings

I. E-mail notification when booking is open

  • You will receive an e-mail reminding you that you can start booking bilateral meetings

II. Booking bilateral meetings

  • Filter cooperation profiles and find the ones aligned with your goals
  • Request meetings to the institutions you are interested in meeting
  • Accept/reject the meetings you are asked for

III. Your schedule

  • Receive your meeting schedule (time & table number) a few days before the event


4. At the event

  • Check the lastest version of your meeting schedule through the platform
  • Be at the Brokerage Event location 5 minutes before your meeting
  • RESPECT the other participant's time and show up to all your meetings
  • If an unforeseen circumstance comes up and you will not attend a meeting, please cancel your meeetings through the platform. In this way, the other participant will get a notification
  • IPR recommendations for Brokerage Events

Our staff will be at your disposal during the matchmaking event.


Closed since 28 June 2018


Madrid, Spain

Organised by


Participants 138
Meetings 235


Belarus 1
Belgium 2
France 3
Germany 2
Greece 2
Ireland 10
Israel 2
Italy 2
Portugal 3
Spain 104
Switzerland 1
Turkey 16
United Kingdom 8
Total 156


Company 45
University 45
R&D Institution 53
Association/Agency 5
Authority/Government 5
Other 3
Total 156